Stories from Our Customers!

 lose5 to 15 inches with weight loss body wrapsBody Wraps - Single Wraps in Home Kits Available               

 "I bought your wraps because I had heard good things form a DJ on the radio. I wasn't expecting too much but did want to see results. as you can see below I saw really good results. My biggest problem has always been a loose belly or I should say loose belly skin and a little pudge in the mid section - sometimes more than a pudge. I often keep an extra 10 pounds there.

It took just one wrap to see a difference but it took two wraps for that difference to say and then after 5 wraps I felt that it was here to stay, And I can tell you that I absolutely , 100% did not do any exercising or dieting during that time period. Body wraps are the way to banish belly fat!!!"

Melanie "Kelly" Davis - Witchita!



                   Just Before Wrap!                                            After Second Wrap

After 5 Wraps over 4 Weeks!


"I lost 15 inches after 3 wraps and have kept it off by doing a wrap every 15 to 20 days."

"I like your wraps better that any of the salons that I have gone to to get them. There is something about yours that makes my skin so hydrated but also much firmer."

"Everybody is talking about my skin and how much tighter it is."

"At first my friends thought that I was secretly working out and then they started asking about my skin. My skin really does look great!"

"I lost 3 inches in my arms and 4 around my waist after 3 wraps."

"I was very interested when I first heard about body wraps but then I forgot about it for a while until I heard an advertisement on the radio. I am glad that I ordered."

"The difference in my size is great but the difference in my skin is truly astonishing."

"The skin tightening from these wraps in unmatched by any of the firming creams that I have ever used!"

"By the best and I have tried them all."

"Tell Emily that she out did herself again."

"What I wouldn't give to know your formulation."











Why Use Our Body Wraps on Your Stomach or Belly?

Our breakthrough in body wrap ingredients are amazing with regards to skin firming, cellulite and inch loss. We use accelerators that helps pull the toxins from the fat in a much faster way. The results are visible after just one wrap. We are considered the alternative to liposuction and plastic surgery. The results can be that dramatic.

-Premixed Body Wrap

-We use sea muds, seaweed herbs, clays and stimulants

-Detoxify your body as well

-Expect extreme skin firming and tightening

-Expect the appearance of cellulite to reduce

-Expect to lose between 5 and 15 inches on the very first wrap

-45 day money back guarantee

-Very simple to use kit and instructions

-Amazing Detox Body Wraps - Great For Cellulite Appearance and perfect for helping the body to burn fat that clumps to form cellulite.


By Ordering Today you get 1 FREE Cream Bonus When You Order A Cream

FREE Bonus # 1 - A Free Skin Firming Cream when you order a Wrap $23.00 FREE

FREE with any purchase you will get a full size skin firming cream at no extract charge...This cream is great for after or in between body wraps to keep the results that you get form the body wrap!



Money-Back Guarantee

45 Day Money Back Guarantee to Banish Belly, Stomach or Tummy Fat.

We believe very much in the superior quality of this cream and expect great results with your purchase.