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 How many wraps per container? 16 oz container

For the entire body it is just enough to do one wrap for a larger person and 1 and 1/2 for a petite person. IF you are doing spot areas like the stomach or thighs then you will get many multiples of wraps out of just one container.


Do your body wraps help me to lose belly fat or excess abdominal or stomach fat.

They are one of the best things that you can do to get rid of belly fat or stomach fat. This is because the belly fat is the most toxic ridden fat on the body. Fat high is toxins is very hard to burn- up to 8 times harder to burn and slows down the metabolism. A good detox body wrap will pull the toxins and will let the body burn the fat much more efficiently - almost effortlessly!


Do the orders automatically come with wrapping cloths?

Yes - each order comes with six (6) wrapping cloths that can be washed and used again.


Are these wraps pre mixed?

YES - all you have to do is apply it and then wrap with the wrapping cloths.


What is the shipping charge?

The cost for shipping in the USA is only $3.95. We also ship to Canada, UK and Australia for super cheap prices. Simply pick the country when you are checking out in the shopping cart.


How long before you ship the order?

99% of the time we ship the order the same day!


Do a lot of people buy these body wraps?

YES YES YES! We sell a literal ton of these to people just like yourself and have been for several years now!


Do Celebrities Use Body Wraps?
YES - these is not a better way for super fast and quick results to look and feel slimmer along with tighter skin. We are not at liberty to say who our clients are.


Do we still get the FREE Skin Firming Cream with every purchase?Yes - w
e have no plans of removing that right now but then again the word can come very quickly when it comes to our special offers.


What are Body Wraps good for?
Amazing for skin firming, inch loss, pounds lost after multiple use, amazing for cellulite and clearing skin for a much more radiant complexion. A large number use the wrap for detoxifying and slimming.

Are These Home Body Wrap Kits Good For Inch Loss & Weight Loss?

Can I really Lose Inches In Minutes?

Can I Lose Inches In My Waist Fast


Can I Lose Inches Overnight?

Yes, literally it takes about 45 minutes to an hour with our kit to see the difference!

Do Body Wraps Do Anything For Loose Or Saggy Skin?

Can I Lose At Least 3 Inches With These Body Wraps?

Yes, you can lose a lot more than just 3 inches. Many people lose just 3 inches on the waist and then even more on the arms, thighs, neck, butt, hips & more!


Do Body Wraps Work?

After being the business for nearly 12 years I can tell that they absolutely do!

Are These Seaweed Body Wraps?

Are Body Wraps Natural?

Yes, there are not any preservatives in our wrap. The ingredients used are herbs, sea clays and muds - primarily from the dead sea. We also use very specific clays for skin firming and toning of lose skin!


Are These Hollywood Body Wraps?

These wraps were the original wraps to be used by many different celebrities. Body wraps are often used on set to get rid of puffiness anywhere on the body. Dead sea mud is often used to get rid of puffy faces on both men and women actors before being filming.

Do You Sell Body Wrap Bandages?

Yes, You Can Call Us if You Need Body Wrap Bandages!


Are These Full Body Wraps?

These can be used as a full wrap or a partial wrap for spot specific areas on the body such as the thighs, hips, arms, neck, stomach or belly or just about any where including the butt!


I Am Looking For An Organic Body Wrap?

The ingredients used in our body wraps are 100% organic. No preservatives, no fillers!


What Causes Stubborn Fat?

If you are having a hard time losing fat then it is most likely because the fat is loaded with toxins. Toxin heavy fat is estimated to be 4 x harder to burn than just regular body fat. So if you are looking for a fat burner you may want to consider the fact that simple fat is much easier to burn than toxin laden fat. This is why people that use body wraps often talk about how they lose inches in the beginning but then lose fat after a period of time. This is the body burning fat because the fat is now much simpler and easier for the fat to burn!

What is The Best Solution


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                   Just Before Wrap!                                            After Second Wrap

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Money-Back Guarantee

45 Day Money Back Guarantee to Banish Belly, Stomach or Tummy Fat.

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