1) Remove the body wrap mix from the bag and open it. You may wish to warm it up a little before beginning. This is done by scooping some out and putting in the microwave for a very short period of time.        

2) Apply the mud to the desired areas. Apply a thin layer and gently massage in for a few seconds.

3) Next open the wrapping cloths. These should be wrapped around the mud covered areas. THE COMPRESSION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. The wraps should be tight but not too tight to cut off circulation. However they should be tight enough to squeeze - feels like you  are getting a  firm hug.

4) Wait for about 45 minutes: IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that you will want to stay warm while you are using the body wrap. The warmer that you stay the better the results will be. Do not get overly hot just a good warmth.

5) Remove the wraps and remember the wrapping cloths can be washed and used again.

6) Stand is the shower and rinse the mud with warm water. Not overly hot!


That is your body wrap. it is very easy and super straight forward. Good wrapping!