Body Wraps for Detoxifying

Everyone has toxins in their body. Our exposure to toxins and pollutants in the environment causes them to build up. Toxins can come from unhealthy things we eat or drink such alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt.  And first or second hand cigarette smoke is a major source. 

Toxins are bad because they build up in fat cells. This makes it harder to lose excess weight. They also lead to water retention, skin irritations, poor circulation, and acne. Some people attribute sore muscles and loose skin to toxins as well.  A good body wrap is the perfect way to remove harmful toxins from your body. 

Detox Body Wraps utilize minerals, clays, muds, and herbs to detoxify the body.  When these substances are wrapped tightly around the body they cause a person to sweat.  The minerals pull out foreign substances along with a person’s perspiration. The wrapping material then absorbs the unwanted toxins and prevents them from being reabsorbed by your skin. A Detox Wrap works quickly in about thirty minutes to one hour.  It is important to drink lots of water before your wrap begins and after.  The more you drink the more you will sweat, and the more toxins that can be taken away. The second step to a body wrap is known as compaction.  This is when the body is wrapped again to tighten the skin and cells that have been shrunk. The result is a healthier body that is usually several inches smaller. 

It is best to do several body wraps over a few weeks or months to get the most detoxifying benefits. Once they are removed the toxins will not return to your body, however over time new toxins will build up again. After your body wrap your skin will look and feel better, and you will be overall healthier. 

Guaranteed To Work For You

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