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 the best rated to lose your inches off arms, chest, legs, thighs and stomach areasBody Wraps - Lose Belly Fat & Inches Fast                

Body wraps that work! The #1 Formulator For Spa Products & Wraps Now offers a Home Wrap Treatment that targets fat anywhere on the body but especially belly fat, stomach fatty deposits, also called love handles - guaranteed results the first time!

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Fat Emulsifer Complex - The reason our wrap works better!

Lose Up To 20 Inches, Firm Up Skin, Reduce Cellulite!

Body wraps also called seaweed wraps use seaweed, dead sea mud, dead sea clays and herbal extracts that are amazing when it comes to the fast or quick results and with repeated use the results become lasting. In one body wrap you can expect to lose between 5 and 15 total inches. You can expect your skin to firm up and also you will see a reduction in cellulite patches.

We have performed 1000's of spa, herbal and mineral wraps. This combination is the most potent available and it is made with all natural ingredients! The amazing thing is that by doing these at home you save big and you can do it in the privacy and convenience of your own home - now with a spa quality wrap!


before body wrap          after body wrapping kit

                   Just Before Wrap!                                            After Second Wrap

5 weeks after mud wrapping

After 5 Wraps over 4 Weeks!




EXPECT BIG RESULTS WITH OUR BODY WRAP (also called belly mud)!

"After just 1 treatment my flab around my stomach was greatly reduce -I measured 3 inches removed from my belly and my love handles are gone! ... And my arms look a ton better and I can tell you without a doubt I have never used anything like this for firming the skin on my stomach and thighs. I loved it!

Diane Mischold - Ga


The Single Body Wrap Kit

lose5 to 15 inches with home weight loss kitRead This!!

The compete kit, mixed and ready to be applied. Even the wrapping cloths are included! after receiving the kit - in five minutes you can be covered in amazing mineral and herb, dead sea body wrap.

Wrapping mixture - wrapping cloths - and instructions! Everything that you need!



Why Use Our Body Wraps to Flatten Your Stomach?

lose weight fast for men and women

Our breakthrough in body wrap ingredients are amazing with regards to skin firming, cellulite and inch loss. We use accelerators that helps pull the toxins from the fat in a much faster way. The results are visible after just one wrap. We are considered the alternative to liposuction and plastic surgery. The results can be that dramatic.

-Premixed Body Wrap Kit

-We use seaweed mud, seaweed herbs, dead sea clays and stimulants

-Watch belly fat literally melt away as well as fat on thighs, chin, arms, legs.

see after results-Detoxify your body as well

-Expect extreme skin firming and tightening

-Expect the appearance of cellulite to reduce

-Expect to lose between 5 and 15 inches on the very first treatment

-45 day money back guarantee

-Very simple to use kit and instructions


By Ordering Today you get 1 FREE Cream Bonus When You Order A Cream

FREE Bonus # 1 - A Free Skin Firming Cream when you order a Wrap $23.00 FREE

skin firming cream for free

FREE with any purchase you will get a full size skin firming cream at no extract charge...This cream is great for after or in between body wraps to keep the results that you get form the body wrap!



Money-Back Guarantee


45 Day Money Back Guarantee.

We believe very much in the superior quality of this cream and our wraps! Expect great results with your purchase. Our company strives to offer the absolute best value, quality  to all of our customers. You may return any product purchased from us for any reason within forty five (45) days of your purchase. The best guarantee that there is on this best selling home kit.